Check here for news and updates regarding the forums.
New members can introduce themselves here.
World News
Discuss what's going on in the real world here.
The Lounge
Talk about anything here, within reason of course.
Anime & Manga
Discuss anime, manga, and Japanese culture here.
Not Safe For Work
This section is for discussing stuff that isn't safe for work. Adults only.
Giveaways & Freebies
Feeling generous? All giveaways and contests go here.

Raiding Discussion
Post and discuss channels to raid. This may also include Habbo and SecondLife.
Dumped Doxes
Doxes dropped here.
Recorded/Screencaped Raids
Post raids you've recorded or taken pictures from here.

Doxing Tutorials
Post your own tutorials on Doxing here.
Coding Tutorials
Tutorials on Java, Visual Basic, .NET Framework, and more should be posted here.
General Tutorials
Post tutorials that don't fit into any other topics here.
SE Tutorials
How to SE products and people.

Get Your Program Approved Here
Post your programs here. They will later be reviewed by staff and moved into the appropriate topic.
Scamming Programs
All programs to do with scamming and information stealing.
System 32 Programs
All programs to do with system 32 programs
General Windows Programs
Anything to do with windows trolling
Program Requests
Request a specific program here.

Raiding Teams
Team Rules & Other
You can request to make teams here. This is also the place to see the rules for the teams.
Team Applications
Make an application to make your team official!
Unofficial Teams
Forum for Unofficial Teams

All game leaks go here
Database dumps are posted here.
Leaks Market
A place to buy/sell/trade databases and leaks.
Dehashed Combolists
Combolists are posted here.
This forum is reserved for leaking/buying/selling/trading HackTheBox Flags, this is a online video game that tests your hacking skills.

Cracking Tools
Combolist tools, cracking tools and more stuff, we collect and store them here.
Cracking Tutorials
Tutorials about cracking using Sentry MBA, Openbullet and similar.
Premade Configs
Find the configs to all majorly used cracking tools such as OpenBullet, SentryMBA, STORM and BlackBullet.
Cracked Accounts
Who has the time or money to be paying for netflix or spotify monthly? Find accounts here for free.
Dehashed Combolists
Combolists are posted here.
Shitpost forum filled with proxies for your cracking needs.

Official Teams
Team Revival
Raiding team specializing in Hijacks
Team Yotsuba
Forum for Team Yotsuba
Team Cyber War
Forum for Team Cyber War
Team Adidas Ultraboost
Forum for Team Adidas Ultraboost
Team specializing in Prank calls and Twitch raids

Anything that doesn't fit into other sections
Programming services for sale
Security and anonymity
Security services for sale
Hosting/VPS services for sale
Graphics design services for sale
Vouch Section
Vouch for people or give out vouch copies!
Leaks Market
A place to buy/sell/trade databases and leaks.
This forum is reserved for leaking/buying/selling/trading HackTheBox Flags, this is a online video game that tests your hacking skills.

Online Accounts
Social Media
Stat accounts or cool usernames
Minecraft, Origin, Steam go here
Spotify, HBO, etc
Brazzers, etc, etc

Scam Reports
Report users of this forum for scamming.
Staff Applications
Interested in becoming staff? Read the requirements then post your application.

Anything Goes
Anything drug related goes here.
Share YouTube & Vimeo videos here.
Anything related to music goes here.
Anything related to politics in general goes here.

Anything in general about computers.
Operating Systems
All discussion/questions for Operating Systems go here.
All computer software related questions/discussion.
All computer hardware related questions/discussion.
All PC build related questions/builds/discussion.

General discussion/questions about phones.
General discussion/questions about android phones.
General discussion/questions about iPhones.
General discussion/questions about firmware.

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