Was a spy for sirklan (denied it). Then became SummiT's spy and made all the mods mad. Looks like pure autism. More of a Nazi Mod than darkblood. Sucked pirates PP for Admin


Was spying on raidforums's owner and tried sucking his dick for money but was rejected.


Faggot white knight trying to dox rf mods, thinks hes a 1337 haxor when he doesnt even use loic... plz. Can eat 100 McDonalds burgers in less than 1 minute. Fat ass who has no life, had a chance to come back to RF and got banned.


Giving SummiT all her CS-GO Skins (ty xoxox) Got doxed and cried a little, then went to blackforums and sucked davethegod's dick. Thinks she's a A* Gamer gurl

Justin Caffier

Made article for vice about us trolling Zachery Kimbrough. Made a go fund me to make free money of a kid. Likes looking like a member of the Blue Man Group

John Arcaro

Was raided by RF and shat his pants a little. Gave his address to random people because they said they'd give him a t-shirt. Could of been the next PewDiePie #ThankRF

Blue Otaku

Getting raided and putting salt and water inside his $1500 Alienware. Stabbed a toaster with a knife and just a pure example of autism (nearly as bad as pyros autism).

Danny Arab

Gave away his passwords, pored milk into his macbook. Also placed his macbook in the microwave. He got seamen in his eye (thats why its wonky)


SJW Wanting to be the next lizard squad. Called himself "TheUndoxable" ( Sure thing mate. Looks about 12 and uses vbooter (loool) got rekt by rektsec

Zachary Kimbrough

Trolled into destroying laptop, admited to SummiT and 0mac that he had mild autism, eats with giant forks and spoons. Also promotes his go fund me to his friends at school. Sleep well my sweet prince #vice.


Biggest newfag on raidforums (also one of the longest member on raidforums). Got banned twice for S.W.A.T Threats. Gets banned around 2 times a day from the shoutbox. Also has the most negative rep on raidforums!


Abused by SummiT, also was abused by cyndaquil but he got demoted. Likes to play moonman music and scare newfags with js alerts. This system fellow may or may not be the downfall of raidforums... Kappa


All round faggot I dont really need to say to much about him. Lives with his mom and loves cp... oh and likes anime and Radix's nut sack


Ugly newfag. Admitted to ban evading in front of an admin. Went on cam and put a squirrel on his dick in order to get unbanned.


Fat ginger who got banned for spamming and some other bull shit. Then spammed the fuck out of SummiT's twitter to get unbanned. Likes to take selfies with Techpony11. A pure example of ginger autism. Oh an he thinks he's a part of the toucans...


Developer assigned to moderate the HOA, messed up shoutbox, got doxxed and pictures leaked. Started crying. Ended up in HOA himself. We donít want no cooksmen on the dev team.


Autistic kid begging for his dick to be sucked, attempted to ruin RaidForums prank calls on McDonalds building. Gtfo Whiteknight Kappa

Strikkererr / lilarrest

Thought he was a super hacker because he got the DNS of the website. Claimed to have 80k bots on his 'botnet' but couldn't even slow the ShoutBox with his super LOIC. Went from "This site will be down in 10 minutes" to "I'll have it down by tonight" then blocked all RF members on twitter.


A asperger 11 year old who thinks he hard whiteknighting behind his catholic mothers computer screen making videos on Will U and Windows 2000