you guys heard of YTcracker?
by 0lbl0rt - December 13, 2017 at 11:02 AM
one of my favorite rap artists with all his music up on here:
I recommend you check out "Bitness" a great track.
Thank you for sharing!
sound real good, gonna check his others
Wow! he sounds pretty good. Ill prolly still stick to Geazy and logic though :(
LMFAO yes!!!!! YT has pube hair older than all the new fags
Literally thought you were talking about an account cracker lmaoo, sounds dope though!
Thanks for sharing, topic a bit misleading tho =/
Haha, yes, I used to listen to his songs a lot 11 years ago. His "NES" album is pretty catchy.

It is so silly when I hear it now.

I can't "work" without him... so i was hoping to spread the love for his work

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