by hedonism - November 01, 2019 at 02:48 AM
whats up im hedonistic, im coming from leakforums (lol gip) where i had 1k+ posts
its been a hella long time since ive been on a forum ngl i may have an acc here under some old name but who knows
im not really into hacking atm but this looks like a cool community; i used to be big into hacking and stuff like that but stopped in like 2017, i dont remember shit but itd be kinda cool 2 learn again

now what i do p much is: music production (not like super big or anything but i make beats for soundcloud rappers and stuff lol), i used to be top 200 in brawlhalla worldwide top 100 NA but i took a p big break, now i still play sometimes and am like top 1-2k (literally have multiple accs w 1k+ hours lol). I just started playing vindictus and stuff too so itd b p cool to make some friends who also play bcs i am shit and dont know wtf i am doing half the time. usually im jus chillin tho, i smoke weed like 3 times a day so im p relaxed ig.
Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the forums hedonism, its really a pleasure to see other forums users come to here, wish you best of luck, Good luck.

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