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y do ppl take drugs?
@thatawesomekid You've seen plenty of people who've thrown away their lives over drugs yes? Why do you think they did that? Are they all fucking retards? Of course not. It's because, DRUGS WORK.
Why there are so many celebreties take drugs?
try one, you'll see haha. 

No, but on the real. There's several different forms of drugs and I think you did not do a good job of trying to identify how serious we are talking here. Alcohol and weed are the acceptable ones IMO, and they are more than enough to spice up the friday night you are enjoying with your friends. They are not a necessity but it just makes things more fun for many. Now, why do people go into drugs further than weed and alcohol? I cannot answer that question based off my perspective and my life experiences.
I started because I was a curious kid trying to fit in. I continued for a year because I enjoyed it, then never stopped because I was depressed.
Used to smoke weed alot before since it helped me relax and made it easier to concentrate on the task at hand. Although it helped me out alot it also fucked me up from time to time and that was the reason i quit smoking it. But i do belive in medical purpose it's a great thing.

Also done Coke, Shrome, Ecstansy and LSD which when looking back was rly retarded of me. But yeah i have my drug and it's called alchol Wink

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