y do ppl take drugs?
by thatawesomekid - 04-05-2018, 09:43 PM
seems a little pointless to me unless medicinal
IDK, maybe cause its all over the media and stuff?
People usually take it because they are either addicted, or they use it as a depressant.
Recreational use?
having a good time?

Alcohol is also a drug.. just because that's widely accepted means most people don't frown upon it.

Would be the same with every other drug if they were legal.
could be any reasons. depressions, peer pressure, in a good mood, bad mood, copycats. shit. i started smoking cigarettes when i was 14 because i thought i was cool.

.....cooly my ass...
Because life sucks
There is 101 reasons on why people take drugs, not everybody does the same thing for the same reasons.
honestly, just to have a good time, some drugs are taken to bring a certain mood to an event, such as MDMA for festivals, alcohol in that setting kinda makes you sluggish imo
Curiosity for me. Wanna see what all the fuss is about.
Boredom, curiosity, recreational use, medical use, peer pressure. There are lots of reasons, everyone is different.
I take drugs because I like the feeling. Weed gets me relaxed and alcohol makes me very social. LSD I've taken twice and that was because I wanted to try something that could be life changing.
because it helps u relax, thats a stupid question imo

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