would you recommend linux?
by asmellyboy - 04-14-2018, 05:44 PM
if you dont mind non gui, go to linux. its awesome
I reccomend dual booting if your into gaming and/or just incase you use any software on windows that isn't available on linux. If you feel your not using windows anymore then make the full switch. ubuntu is my favorite linux os to use on a regular computer.
obviously linux is a better system than windows, and above all much safer, but to tell the truth I still use them both, more than anything on windows I use many programs that on linux just are not there (such as photoshop) and where the opensource counterparts are not fully up to those paid, but I find that many open source programs beat many paid competitors.
In my opinion it is important to know them both, even if we talk about pentesting or hacking, because remember that a large number of computers in the world run on windows systems for obvious reasons and therefore know the architecture becomes very important in my opinion
YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.linux is open to all..undefined
i prefer windows, more things for download

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