would you recommend linux?
by asmellyboy - 04-14-2018, 05:44 PM
im fairly adept when it comes to knowledge of computers, would it be worth switching from windows to linux?
I would recommend using a Virtual Machine or VM to run Linux. Linux (specifically Kali) is widely used for hacking / doxing / anonymous purposes. If you want to do anything illegal, get a Linux system and keep your personal system separate from your anonymous system to avoid being tracked. Windows is a great OS because of its support from program developers, so I wouldn't recommend a Linux OS as a host OS. However, it's just me. Find out what suits you.

Here are some VMs to consider:
Virutal Box (https://www.virtualbox.org/) - This is the one I use. I like it, but the screen resolution is kind of weird.
VMware (http://vmware.com/) - I have heard some positive stuff about these. Never used them.
Parallels (https://www.parallels.com/) - I have heard this one is good. Popular with Mac users wanting to run Windows.

Here is where you can find the Linux ISO's for VMs: https://www.linux.org/pages/download/
Absolutely, I switched years ago and I feel much more comfortable with Linux than I do Windows.
Just install Linux and check it out.
you can dual boot windows/linux, maybe that would be better for you to transition between the two
keep a backup system with linux on it in case you ever need one.
linux is rigid and it never give up you on security purposes
didn't know you could get linux on your phone :O
Linux is a flexible multipurpose Operating system. I personally installed ArchLinux on my laptop. Very configurable.
If you like 3D gaming, stick with Windows. Otherwise switch to some form of linux.

Running linux in a VM is cool and has has it's benefits but if you want to learn linux then you are better off making a dual boot machine instead to start with. In a VM you will choose not to use it for most stuff (unless it's a Kali VM but that's another story) and never learn anything or feel a need to use it. If you dual boot Windows and Linux, you can boot into linux and just use it and if you get completely stuck, you can boot back to Windows to do one particular thing if you have to. Eventually you will boot linux every time and rarely bother booting in to windows again.

Only way to learn a lot about linux fast is to have it as your main operating system imo.

(05-28-2018, 02:28 AM)DominusTre Wrote: didn't know you could get linux on your phone :O

Termux - Look it up in the play store
If you have a rooted phone, install Multirom and you can boot Ubuntu'ish alongside your main android OS too.
(04-14-2018, 05:44 PM)asmellyboy Wrote: im fairly adept when it comes to knowledge of computers, would it be worth switching from windows to linux?

I recommend that you use kali linux.
What do you use your computer for? Linux can sort of do anything windows can, but it isn't windows. You can't just download any program and run it, just software that's made for linux. That said, there's usually an alternative for linux, when you need specific software (libre office vs ms office, gimp vs photoshop, etc).

If you want maximum freedom, at the cost of some inconvenience and ease of use, go for linux.

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