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win 10 data leak
Quote:The data – some 32TB of official and non-public installation images and software blueprints that compress down to 8TB – were uploaded to, the latest load of files provided just earlier this week. It is believed the confidential data in this dump was exfiltrated from Microsoft's in-house systems around March this year.

The leaked code is Microsoft's Shared Source Kit: according to people who have seen its contents, it includes the source to the base Windows 10 hardware drivers plus Redmond's PnP code, its USB and Wi-Fi stacks, its storage drivers, and ARM-specific OneCore kernel code.

Anyone who has this information can scour it for security vulnerabilities, which could be exploited to hack Windows systems worldwide. The code runs at the heart of the operating system, at some of its most trusted levels. It is supposed to be for Microsoft, hardware manufacturers, and select customers' eyes only.
so . just pay attention to the biggest news. but it is fake .No 32TB. just 1.2GB. and it is not the kernel source. Nothing to see here. go home. but i still want to say. anybody get me a copy ? windows 10 leaks in 06-24. thanks a lot.

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