why a trezor ipo would be brilliant
by BLITZKREIGGG - December 29, 2020 at 05:49 AM
with something like a hardware wallet, the most important factor is security. ledger getting hacked is more than enough proof that they don't know a thing about security and if theyre willing to give simmers free profiles, whos to say their hardware isnt crackable.
Probably zero profits and revenues <250m. It's a nothing outfit at the moment. Also, the big boys in tech and finance aren't going to let an upstart become the dominant cunt. Three outfits pretty much have the secondary hardware auth market to themselves and they don't make big bucks. These things can't be expensive and people aren't going to buy more than one or two so where's the money to be made in it?
like EPP said all the huge companies dominating the scene wouldnt allow some small startup to make a lot of money and become the new big thing
Ledger nano aint bad. Just don't download untrusted software.

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