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which program Language are you good at?
which program Language are you good at?
The language of love.

Me and you bb.
bb, I'll program what ever you want. Im fluent in B++ xoxoxo pm me
After a break of two months, I have the feeling that I am a beginner in php
I use python for almost everything
Bash of course, my usefull language at work
I'm best with PHP. I don't really like any other languages.
Been using Python a lot lately, probably the language I'm most familiar with.

That being said, I've started branching out and done a few tiny projects in C#/Go/PHP.
C++ all the way. With me for the past 15 years.
I wrote tons of bots in Python, I think it's the perfect language for botting tbh.
All of them, do you find me attractive now?
Not exactly a programming language, but I'm an expert if it comes to powershell. Been there for the > 10 years.

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