which is which covid19
by optyx2000 - April 28, 2021 at 12:16 AM

I heard that if you get vaccinated you should be ok well every world government is asking us to get vaccinated but in fact it looks like the vaccines have more side effects than the virus itself.

To resume:

(i). If you get vaccinated, you may still catch covid19 but you will not die(that's what they said) well except if you have side effects from the vaccine.
(ii). You can still infect other peoples as being vaccinated does not prevent you from catching this virus and infect others.
(iii). The vaccine is not effective against some of the new variant.

Correct me if am wrong but I don't really notice benefits from the vaccine.

What are your thoughts?
Covid19 is bad !! When i go in good life whithout covid !!
Vaccine works in old fags, helping them not dying from respiratory issues. World elite is full of old fags. That's why they don't care abut secondary effects on young people. As always
I hope that itwill be over soon, it's so annoying. There is home office for over 1 year...
There's no benefits from getting a vaccine. Just bigger chances of getting serious side effects.

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