whats better windows 7 or 10?
by witman4586 - July 23, 2018 at 06:49 AM
what would you guys say is better for gaming windows 7 or windows 10?
windows 10, and it has updates for the exploits lol
Win 10 Ofcourse..... Smile
7 is a shit ton better than 10

10 is gay and sucks ass
Windows 7 was the best microsoft OS to ever exist and it will stay that way for years to come
Windows 10 gets more updates and supports newer stuff like DirectX 12 so its usually faster for stuff like games however Windows 7 has less spyware and crap built in like cortana.
I miss the clean simple look of windows 7 but windows 10 is the best operating system hands down Smile
windows 10 ofcourse... All the best things is there. Windows 7 is not good because of security and performance!
windows 10. Down side cortana
Oh Lawdy windows10 comes installed with so much bloatware. For that alone I prefer 7 (still using 10 though)
I prefer Windows 7 over 10 for gaming. Since Win 10 comes with so much bloatware. It uses more resources.
windows 10 can utilise cpu cores more efficient.I had some performance issues in the past with windows 7 because of bad cpu utilising.

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