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what kind of drugs are harmless
fakes are what kills people look at lil peep
Looking for harmless? Don't look for drugs
weed is not harmful, it is even used in medical purposes
Weed is hella addicting. The habbit is hella fucking addicting. Mainly CBD that is used medicinaly, not thc
I think it depends on the time period we are talking about.

In my view, all of them are harmful in the long run, some more than others.

As a short try for a short period..weed is fine.
Pshycosis is pretty fucked up too, hallucinating on weed
I personally think all drugs are not harmless, but marijuana may be one of the safer ones to use
ketamine is safe and doesn't cause physical addiction
Psychedelics are non addicting and self regulating due to quick increase of tolerance.

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