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what kind of drugs are harmless
and wont causes addiction, please respond soon
bathsalts and spice really nice
canabissss are not addictive and harmless
theres alot, are you looking for physchadelics? if yes i think lsd,dmt,shrooms and theres probably more
Just smoke grass brah
I don't think weed is harmful
cannabis is good i think :v or grass
mdma is my favorite, also way look forward to festivals
Most drugs are Harmful / Have bad side effects . If you smoke too much weed [Daily for months maybe years for some ppl] you can get mental health issues, however i've seen some people who claim they don't.. I know people that have.

Weed is probably the safest one to stick to.
bathsalts for sure. make sure you drink some milk too.
No drugs are harmless you fucking idiots, no matter how much you want to think that "muh weed is good for me" it still has risks or potential for addiction, stop being ignorant, same with any mind altering substances.
What's the point of drugs? You can only ignore reality for awhile unless you plan on staying high 24/7

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