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Do sites like actually possess all the DB's, or just announcing all of them? How do they get the more private DB's that are going for $$.?
I'd be very surprised if they had all the databases listed. They'd make themselves a huge target if they had Non-public big leaks. Not saying no for definite i personally doubt it
We could have all of them on official, but its way too much work to be hosting so many small databases with like 1k entries each.
yeah pretty sure he is trading people for them...
If I wanted to get my hands on some of the private DB's, but only have public leaks to offer, how would I begin trading?
dont talk to keen or trade with that bitch
lmao keen meh his list is okay. nothing too special.
Many of their DBs can be found on the Internet. And for the rest ... who knows, they may have them. but their DB list looks good

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