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thoughts on 6ix9ine?
what do you guys think of him?
he gay and ugly fuck gay and ugly person
Um he is kinda werid xD....
Thank you for sharing
(11-23-2018, 01:57 PM)antszs2 Wrote:  what do you guys think of him?

What the fuck happened to hip-hop?
No loss to society, glad he's gone tbh
He's annoying af... he has a FEW good songs but he is overall trash
i think this post is about him facing life in prison and not about his music/look
Its fucked up, I dont wish a fed case on anyone, bobby shmurda was lucky for 7 years, this nigga facing 30 to life.

'Multiple acts of violence'
'Racketeering Charges'
'Firearm Charges'
and alot more

6ix9ine Denied Bail After Offering 1.7 Million & Surrendering Passport. 

Basically his time is over.
If he did actually have sex with that kid then throw away the key I say!
(11-23-2018, 08:05 PM)F3ARED Wrote:  If he did actually have sex with that kid then throw away the key I say!

she was 17 at the time.
possibly lied about her age
Yeah not a fan, can't stand the music or his look. He's trash from top to bottom.

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