techpony 4 life ( fanfiction )
helo so thisis my first fancfiction so please dont be rude k

so yestreday i was at my favoruti cafe

techpony was also there

so i walked to him hopin he wont even notice me i guessd he didnt even know me he is such a fame

"ummmmmmmmmmm hi" i said

"the fuc r u doin here slut" repli tech

"oh i was just walking arond and you no" then i though i love him but i deicided to not to tell me

"bye" i said and quikqli run away, omg i am a shy so much

I realizd that i relly love him so i decided to wriet a anonymous later

" hello thech pony11 i think i really like yu,  the way you smile and ssay godbye that makes me kinda turn on but i dont fap of course that woud be weird, i love u - Caleon )

Now i really didnt weant him to know i love him so i pretendd to i to be caleon becouse he was my freind

i okwke up early in morning i was an erly bird to day, but it was too soon to realise that i a my phone woke me upp
i decided to slowly pikc it up ( i was still tired after the talk with tech) it was calaen

"OMG WHAT THE FCKU" shouted cleon realy loud

"what" i said remiening calm

"tehchpony kissed me and said htat  i sent him a later"

he was still shouting

i dont like him shoting

"wait osmething knokcs ho yto mmy house wait mniute ok ?"

"ok" he said

i quqkly ran to my door feeling excintment in my big penis

nock knock okcnonc knock banged tech

i dodnint know who was banging on the door doe

"hi" say techpony with small smile

"gtfo fag" i relly didnt qwant to him to know i love him

"mayi come in"

"sure" i said

techpony walkd in, i could see his penis growing in his tiny pants, i started to laught

ha ha ha ha hg a         h a                               ha                  haha

techpony said "?"

"nothing: i reply quqkily also didnt wnt him to know i laughted, i hope he didnt know

"lets strathignhen it up ok? i like u lets frick frack together on ur dirty couche" techpony said fast knowing he will embrance himself

"u didnt embrance your self my dear" i said touching softlly his beatiful long heire
"u never embrance to me, don worryy"

techpony was like "okay"

we get on our cuche

i zipd my pants quiqkly

showin g of my dick, it was... idk 19 foots long lkets say

then i undressed him with my teeth

heis penis was like 1 centieter

"im lucky i have a boner " techpoony tough to himself

i tried to say  " irelly like..." "JUST DO IT SLUT" he shoted at me


so i pushed my dick into his buthole

it dndt fit. dang

he spreaded it with his 4 fingers and said

"you have my invitation "

i knew he was roleplaying but i was too fucking horny okay ?

"ugh okay" i said, i was kinda turnd off

*pan penetrates techpony, ful force"

"A,AA,A,A,,AAAAAA,AA,AHHH" said techpony

"oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" said pan

i cumd in side of him, then i drank it

"so whoter we doing nopw???????"

"i ha ve brilant idea"

i grabd techpony with my powerfull arms and put him upside down

sudendly qa girl named kekinda come in

" OMG" said girl named kekinda ( kekinda ws  my gorlfrined but we ddidnt like eachother)

"u BETROYE ME ????????????????????????//"

"WEL I AINT DIELING WITH THIS SHITTT" kekinda said tipping her fedora

"BYE CUMLICKER" she said and shouted the door

we sat there on my couch, quiet for like idk, fucking 5 minutes

i lookd in techpony eyes,

* pan and techpony looked at echeeother eyes with tears inside, sparlking eachother as bird signedd behind the window"

itewas a lmagic kinda offfff

"lets fkuck" said techpony quietly hoping that i wont punche him in face

"well okay, idc" i said pretending to not to care abote waht happened, but i rellyh cared

fin, please like if u cri everytime dont be ashamed of ur feelings
toppest of kek mate
Why do people do not read this?!
what the actual fuck
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