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sword art online
Okay so I've watched season 1 what does everyonr think of SAO???
I fucking loved SAO. Watch season 2. Its pretty good as well!
I hated it. I watched 10 episodes on the first season then dropped it. I hated how 1 episode could be like a 6 month time skip or even 2 year. The shipping seemed forced as well.
kirito is op and season 2 sucks cock
SAO is amazing, didn't like season 2 though.
I'm watching it rn. Seems really dope and asuna is fucking hot as fuck.
Season 1 is good, season 2 I fell asleep.
SAO is life.

Season 1 Arc 1 obviously the best, ARC 2 was pretty decent.

Season 2 I really enjoyed both arcs a lot, although it gets fairly mixed reviews. I enjoyed it but i'll let you decide Smile
I guess the general consensus is to avoid the 2nd Arc like the plague, but it wasn't too bad. Only problems were that the incest storyline could've been cut completely and the villain was a creepy fuck but overall good shit. Arc 1 is like top tier even if its been done before.
I actually love SAO and i love GunGale online just as much! Although neither are close to my fav's
The first couple or so episodes of SAO had potential. Then it kind of slowly descended into a pit of despair from then on.
Second season was better, but they slowed it down too much. I watched it when it aired and every week was "I wonder if Kirito will actually get into the game this time."

There is stuff like Age of Aincrad that has been inspired by it though, which is pretty cool.
I can't be the only one who really dislikes SAO here?
It had a shitty plot, Asuna ruined it after she turned Shy.
Season 2 barely even features Asuna and They just escaped a life threatening game and decide to go into another one.
Like wtf.

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