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"standard" for "Twitch-Donations"
We need a standard for the fake Twitch-Donations made with /me <text> (otherwise the streamer might find out what we're doing)

So my idea is something like this:

/me Has donated USD 10.00 to the stream!

USD = US-Dollar,
EUR = Euro,
(et cetera)
Why specify the type of currency? The Bots are usually a standard of USD. You're over complicating something so simple just to seem intelligent, Just use
/me Has just donated $amt.amt to the stream!
No some bots are European, British etc... If they are from the UK use GBP, if they are from North America use USD.
Even if there is a set way someone will still fuck it up like always.
This is a terrible idea just saying if i was being raided i would know that twitch dosent have chat donations. So nice try but its a really stupid thing

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