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share your desktop thread.
i saw a thread like this on another forums i go on and the forums had a anonymous section where you dont know who it is and they would post there desktops and the thread poster would guess whos desktop it is. well since we cant do that just share your desktop. Smile
[Image: L3S6lOI.jpg]

R8 M9 M8
[Image: bWwhwLp.jpg]
I rate OP's 8.2/10
Could clean up the skype shit and you don't need the icons to be "big".
but overall 9/11
hopefully you will 4/20 soon.
r8 pls
[Image: 66aad1e29f185ff5b02aa6e93cd7882f.png]

New and improved
[Image: zIrTAWn.jpg]
[Image: 7e4a2053e9.jpg]
[Image: b5d86fa65ffa5c5a5194af0aac89d10f.jpg]
[Image: b83462fde7af2ec3022aace06302192e.png]

THE BACKGROUND HAS A SPELLING ERROR HALP(ignore the txt file plox Kappa )
LOL that text file @thebabyblender
(08-25-2015, 08:41 PM)Paradox Wrote:  LOL that text file @thebabyblender

[Image: 3070096414b975608dd88cd2237a8825.png]
[Image: 971fb3ce476c9a777c2dcd6bf7f36c6b.png]


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