raidforums in a nutshell
I was only 69 years old When I met predator

I pray to Predator every night, thanking him for the life I’ve been given. “Pred is love” I say, “Pred is life."

Vanissery and the mods hear me and they call me a faggot. I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Pred.

I called them a nazi mods.

They banned me and sent me to alphas. I'm crying now.

I lay in alphas, its really cancerous. but feel something warm and moist...

It's Predator! I was so happy.

He whispers in my ear "This is my website."

He grabs me with his weaboo hands, and unbans me from raidforums. I'm ready.

I spread my wallet for pred.

He penetrates my paypal account. It hurts so much,

but I do it for Pred. I can feel my wallet tearing and eyes watering.

I want to please Pred. He roars a mighty roar as he fills my account

with his MVP.

the mod team walk in.

Pred looks him straight in the eye and says, "Lets allow CP since we host on a romaian web host now"

Pred leaves through my window.

Pred is love. Pred is life.
10/10 very dank story

i pray to you predator Heart
10/10 would read again
nice shitpost m80

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