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question about the bitcoin
so i have heard someone say the price  is lower. and the price of graphic card,too, which is a upset news for the miner. so i check in the web. but i can see anything. somebody want to explain? is it true?
I mean if yo shit made sense, I could somewhat try to give an answer.
"I mean if yo shit made sense, I could somewhat try to give an answer." exacly
Ban reason: Leaking information about RF members in shoutbox. MSG me for proof. (Permanent)
Yes, graphic pixels up from bit on Tuesday. Buy from bottom piles for most seniority.
Yes. It's true. It's all true.

ye nigga literally google this shit and check the more recent articles cause ur question is more scuffed than an ice stream without kermit
In general bitcoin isn't worth working for/with.
If everyone gets into bitcoin and the price of a bitcoin becomes too high, inflation ensues.
It will crash.
I have not seen anyone get value out of their mining in the last year.
Bitcoin is really only worth so much.
I'll be waiting for that inflation and depression.
Yes. It's true. It's all true.

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