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pop culture is trash
if you like chart music then you need to reevluate ur life
Who cares what a dumb leecher thinks
Hey man pop culture can be cool, especially if you look back in time a bit. many great 80s and 90s shit was pretty pop infused like The Smiths and plenty of it charted well, just look at Britpop and the Blur, Oasis battle. I'm guessing you just watched a Paul Joseph Watson video talking about this or something.
^ Seconded your opinion

Pop culture doesnt necessarily equated trash.

As much as im not into the mainstream charts I still believe there are tons of "pop" artists that deserve recognition. One such artist is Diane Birch. Never knew who the hell she was till I heard her Tears for fear cover of " Everybody Wants to rule the world "

I wouldn't go as far as using a blanket statement to cover the whole genre.
Some is shit, some is alright.
popular doesn't neccessarily mean cheap! lady gaga for example, her influences are great
Pop music is not bad -_-
it can be very meaningful and good

although I agree that nowadays many pop songs are shit

btw agree that Lady Gaga at times is a true role model
Pop culture and pop music can be either really good or really bad.
In most cases, it's bad though
I just like the remixes most of the time. They make shit songs, but the actual dj's make them 'listenable' with the re-makes.

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