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what do you think of them? do you like any of them?
just trump because i enjoy the videos of people trying to protest and not knowing what they are talking about
Never come across a decent one anywhere. I think you need to be a psychopath to want to rule over people. These fuckers aren't there to serve the people like they're suppose to. At best it's corruption. You know that's the case when a rich shithead spends tens of millions of their own money to get a job that pays a 100k a year.
I think a politician is often a reflection of a society, and people in society. Culture is the key to whether or not there is a good one or great one. One can make a difference, but it requires a few qualities to influence others in a good direction.
urrr most are dickheads but the ones with good policies always get negative media attention for no reason IE trump
The problem with any group of politicians is that the selfish interest which either votes, money or a bit of both along with ego, is that you get that everywhere. Even Trump has his imperfections, he is different only because he's a billionaire. How many politicians in the western world are that wealthy, almost none, well none. Only a corrupt country could have such a leader.

I see the political arena a lot more than just dumb, idiotic cretins who want the bigger piece of the pie.

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