pls no copperino
hello i am from russian, i dont speak very good united states, but i can tell u the story uf my life.
chappta 1: birth
i was born as a harlequin baby, and i looked like a salt flat but as a human babu.
when i grew up i luuked liek a glazed donut, but human babu shap.
chapt 2: skool
i got straight f's in the vladimir putin memorial slave school, i met mi friend celeryon there and we yiffed
chap thre: homelssnes
when i graduated from juvy i was homles and strugl for food and beer, i wuld ask for 5 bucks to get a meel but instead i got a bud light.
chap 4: america
i flew to america in the landink gear bai of a plaen. it wus kold but i maed it and got educated when i gut to emerika to speek united states.

pls no coppypasterino

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