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ooniprobe - Measure Internet Censorship & Speed

Collecting evidence of Internet censorship.

OONI's web connectivity test is designed to examine whether websites are blocked and if so, how. This test, in particular, attempts to determine whether access to sites is blocked through DNS tampering, TCP/IP blocking, or by a transparent HTTP proxy. By knowing how access to sites is interfered with, you can more easily evaluate how to circumvent that specific type of censorship. As OONI is committed to transparency through the publication of all network measurement data, you can use it as evidence of any censorship events that you come across.

Detecting systems responsible for censorship and surveillance.

Various types of proxy technologies are used in networks for implementing censorship, surveillance, and traffic manipulation. OONI's HTTP invalid request line test is designed to uncover the presence of such systems within tested networks. However, it's important to point out that not all systems that you might find are necessarily responsible for censorship and/or surveillance! Many proxy technologies, for example, are used in networks for caching purposes.

Measuring the speed and performance of your network.

Sometimes the network that we are using doesn't work as well as we'd like it to. OONI's implementation of the Network Diagnostic Test (NDT) attempts to measure the speed of your network by connecting to mLab servers near you and by subsequently uploading and downloading random data. In doing so, NDT collects low level TCP/IP information that can help characterize the speed and performance of your network. Such information can also be useful in examining cases of throttling.

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