oboy staff application [UPDATED]
by oboy - May 12, 2021 at 09:03 PM
i made like so many apps n they all got accepted i cba to write another

thanks for reading

[Image: oAC1ndw.png]
[Image: vloUb9i.png]

oboy mod app

another oboy mod app


Have you fulfilled the listed requirements?

Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find our site?
I'm oboy, I've been here for nearly 6 years, I don't do an awful lot and I found the site through raiding, when that was a thing.
Do you have previous moderating experience?
Yes, I've moderated this forum many times, from Mod to Mod+, Admin in the Discord, and also moderated old ArmA 3 servers.

What's the biggest thing you've learned since being on Raid Forums?
The biggest thing I've learnt since being on the site, is that online privacy is the most important thing ever.

Why would you like to be a staff member on Raid Forums?
I'd like to be a staff member for the site again as I feel I was a good member of the team beforehand. The staff have since changed but I still feel I'd be a good addition. I've already got an understanding on the tools and all of the rules.

What would you gain from being a staff member?
I'd gain more experience on moderating.

What would the community gain from you being staff member?
The community would gain their favourite member being their favourite staff member. 

What's your favourite section on the site?
The Lounge, the shoutbox or even World News

If you could pick a section to moderate, which would it be?
The Lounge, shoutbox, or absolutely anything.

Extra notes : I've been waaaay more active recently, I stepped down from mod last time due to personal life. Since then everything has been sorted and I'm now able to be active again.

Thanks Heart
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Self-Ban
+support, my highest recommendation
+ Support

Ur banned for "unsubscribing"?? for 2 months? Wouldn't make a good mod if banned
(July 18, 2021 at 02:09 AM)Sem Wrote: -Support

Ur banned for "unsubscribing"?? for 2 months? Wouldn't make a good mod if banned


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