not get doxed
by thatawesomekid - December 08, 2018 at 09:03 PM
ok so most the threads on here revolve around doxing others but id like to know how u can prevent urself from getting doxed, thanks
Dont be a dumbassĀ 

[Image: 56098863.jpg]
Just listen to your mom when she says not to share info on the interwebs.
Don't share personal info online. Simple.
it might seems obvious but they are right, just dont share your info online
In addition to not sharing personal information, learning as much about doxing could be helpful so you can prevent your information from being available and connectable. You could even go as far as asking sites to remove your information if it likely ends up on people search engines. Definitely take care to opt out of your information being shared whenever possible, too. It's inevitable that some personal information will end up out there, so knowing about it and keeping it isolated from the rest of your online activities is important.

This actually would make an interesting topic to explore further: counterdox.
I see the replies here covered the basic and most crucial aspect but somehow I feel I have to stress it again:
DO.NOT.SHARE. Private info online! Smile
alot of the way faggots will prevent themselfs from getting doxed is constantly creating ghost aliases. Its retarded and doesn't help because if one slip up happens then it all comes crashing down, the best thing to do is always think about ways people can figure out your info and fix them.
Use fake information whenever you can. That means if it's not illegal to put fake information on something then put fake information.

Consider all information public. Your passwords, security questions/answers, profile, everything. consider it public. B/c odds are eventually it will be.

Use separate accounts for all things you register on.

If you're information is already out there then start a false news campaign to drown out all your real data online.
Thank you for sharing this information Smile
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