need sans sec760 videos
by macpromoworld - March 08, 2021 at 06:56 PM
Hi all. Any one have sans sec 760 videos or corelan advanced exploit development.
I want learn windows heap exploit development.
I have found sans 760 pdf here but no videos
go on, you will have all you need Wink For the moment they are in maintenance Wink
I already checked that site. 760 videos not found there. can not find a windows heap exploit course with videos
Check again, the videos are there and explain windows heap exploitation
thanks for sharing good
here it is:
You should checkout this thread:
It's got a bunch of sans and offsec courses, and the download speed is not bad either.
is a nice course but a bit basic Smile

just to add dont think this coursrs is as good as people think sans r getting crap
Hi jjjj kkkk jjjj kkkk jjjj

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