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need advise for good VPN ?
heey people need advise for good vpn for netflix as here in my current country not all updated need to change it with vpn to get updated movies and series..

any ideas ??
Nigga get HideMyAss, ProtonVPN or CyberGhost every fucking VPN all the same, not that hard to search on google?
Proxy lists exists for a reason, but i suggest u hidemyass or cyberghost vpn as free, or tunnelbear...
I use protonvpn is wery good imo
invest in a vps and a setup a private one if you are that serious about one
I used until last year. Then I switched to a VPS hosted in Russia and set up OpenVPN gateway there.
mullvad is a good vpn
(03-06-2018, 06:02 PM)edump Wrote:  invest in a vps and a setup a private one if you are that serious about one

Definitely a good solution. One year free on micro tier Amazon AWS, setup of openvpn-as on Ubuntu takes about 15 minutes, or if you're not too savvy I believe they have a prebuilt image you can use.

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