nConnect - Securely connect to remote machines
by RedGymAuditor - April 30, 2021 at 07:08 PM
nConnect allows you to securely connect to remote machines without the need of any server, public IP address, or publicly exposed ports. It features end to end encryption for top level security, and multi-path aggregation for maximum throughput.

nConnect provides several modes. When using the VPN mode, any TCP-based application that works in the same local network will continue to work remotely as if those machines are in the same local network. A TUN device mode and a SOCKS proxy mode are also available for advanced users.

nConnect uses nkn-tunnel for end to end tunneling, thus benefits from all the advantages of nkn-tunnel:
  • Network agnostic: Neither sender nor receiver needs to have public IP address or port forwarding. NKN tunnel only establish outbound (websocket) connections, so Internet access is all they need on both side.
  • Top level security: All data are end to end authenticated and encrypted. No one else in the world except sender and receiver can see or modify the content of the data. The same public key is used for both routing and encryption, eliminating the possibility of man in the middle attack.
  • Decent performance: By aggregating multiple overlay paths concurrently, one can usually get much higher throughput than direct connection. Even using the free mode, one can still get <100ms end to end latency and 10+mbps end to end throughput.

[Image: connect.jpg]

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lets take a look, thanks for sharing
thanks for sharing. will check it.

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