my first Music Video
by dogbones48 - July 08, 2020 at 09:07 PM
now thats what i call real art !
I was not expecting that intro... wtf.. LOL.
This roblox dancer make this video damn gud i can tell ya lmao....
Reminds me of all late 90's tunes like 'blue da ba dee' and 'sweet like chocolate', like it bro
Roblox isn't useless, after all.
Yoo Fire video bro :100: :100: Amazing! keep it up dawg Good things to come for you in da future ..
Came back for a 2nd look, still good Smile
nigga why would u make a mfking ROBLOX music video of all things...
bruhhhh roblox??? i mean its good?
i really enjoyed it! keep it up! all good! Smile
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the fact you got the cinematic point of view is the best part, LOL.
lmao what the fuck is this dude, nice editing

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