music streaming services
by tuckpendleton - July 11, 2019 at 04:03 AM
Spotify for me.

Soundcloud is nothing but chillwave bed room Soundcloud Rap, made by people who have faces that look like a desk in detention.
Youtube or spotify i dont know why
Soundcloud if I want to find some remixes or some 'underground' bits.
Apple music is my go to. Soundclouds a good back up for remixes and covers that can be sold.
I use Tidal. By the way, here I'd like to share a nice tip with you. As we all know, Tidal music are not allowed to be used on other devices. But if you want to use them by yourself only, then you can use the Windows Tidal Music Converter to help you. Then you are able to listen to Tidal audios on anywhere and anytime freely.

Has the most music selection (in my experience), and cool things like customized playlists.
spotify's offer is too good, i pay willingly to listen everything with a good app to use
I use Tidal. It is easy and economical to stream music with it. I download the songs with my premium account and get them for offline listening. The songs can be saved with my Tidal Music Converter from DRmare. Convenient and quick to gain the music on Tidal. I like to move the songs to my apps and players and listen to them anytime I like.
(May 23, 2020 at 11:21 PM)Sem Wrote: Spotify

Has the most music selection (in my experience), and cool things like customized playlists.

I'm glad they added Podcasts too!
As a big fan of Spotify, I often listen to music on Spotify. Once I was a premium user on Spotify for downloading Spotify music, but I found those downloaded files cannot be played out of Spotify. Then I google how to control music downloaded from Spotify and how to play them out of Spotify. Later, I installed Spotify Music Converter Mac. Now, I could convert Spotify to mp3 through that Spotify music downloader and play them on any device and player anytime.

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