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mattslandscape database
Rows: 100k 
Date: unkown
Info: Email :user: pass hash

[email protected]:daiv:$H$9mB07RdrdLPPmEC4oElZYDZ6oQuT.x/

[email protected]:Briley1:$H$9vh2C9kv4IRrl6y7QODMftuRoAcnvE0
[email protected]:botanicalady:$H$9qBKrMT9xqkrfExgTXW9dFJHqXV/.k.
[email protected]:Janet:$H$9AA.krNvch0/pLdPuuERgX5ZiVV0XB0
[email protected]:ksepies:$H$9k2nuBQcZT2TNj/XLvOc58rycIgtGb.

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quite odd since they now store in plaintext (full of sqli points):

1:daiv:2017-01-13 00:45:50:farout:o'riley:Daiv:medaglie d'oro::San Clemente:CA:[email protected]:320-732-4226:::medaglie d'oro::San Clemente:CA:92672US:1,4:daiv1:2009-10-12 18:16:18:farout:Freeman:Daiv:608 Via Espiritu:This is edited:San Clemente:CA:[email protected]:+3207324226:::606 4th Ave SE::Long Prairie:MN:56347US:0,5:jack:2009-09-09 11:24:08:bigbadjack:Whipplebloom:Jack:1313 Webfoot lane::Crazyville:AL:[email protected]:555-555-5555::322-323-5656:1313 Webfoot lane::Crazyville:AL:65345US:0,6:daiv2:2010-08-02 10:40:55:farout:Kaseos:Joe:999 this is it place::Landville:AE:[email protected]:(555)565-8479:::999 this is it place::Landville:AE:12356US:0,20:united_states:2009-09-09 11:50:43:test:Freeman:Daiv:20 Mason::Irvine:CA:[email protected]:800-719-8100:::20 Mason::Irvine:CA:92653US:0,9:john:2009-09-09 11:48:19:smith:smith:john:123 main street::san clemente:CA:[email protected]:949-498-9439:::123 main street::san clemente:CA:92672US:0,10:joe:2009-09-09 11:49:32:
maybe man , i just thought it maybe useful for people who do not have it
@holom DE Database/Site?
i thinnk its worldwide site

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