manga or anime ?
by rgneyntnyn - November 10, 2019 at 10:14 AM
Anime for ever Heart but loves to read manga too they are good
my favorites are both manga and anime, anime for life haha
I've never read a manga. I only watched anime, so that's my answer.
Well I watched like 2 animes and 0 manga, so prolly anime.
Manga is quite boring, I prefer anime.
Manga, mainly because more story.
I've never read a manga. I only watched anime, so that's my answer.
I prefer anime, but read some manga too
I still rather watch anime lol
Dragon Ball Super Anime was a great watch, most of it i found on youtube!
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Whoever likes Mangas will for sure crave for good anime.
If a anime stops all of a suden without going on to a next season (Food wars did this when i binge watched it) I went and read the manga to see what happens. But then you have to deal with the amount of content cut up by the anime. For example the food wars 5th plate skips about 15 chapters from the manga.

Thats why im not a big fan of manga but will read it. At the same time it spoils the anime for me in some ways if you get my meaning

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