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looking for hash cracker
is it possible to find someone who can crack password for $$ i am willing to pay for his service if he can crack the password. if anyone of you know someone who offer this service please refer me thanks a lot
Depending on how long the plaintext is and what hash, you might be able to crack it for free. Do a simple google search for dictionaries with your type of hash. If you don’t find anything, people on here crack for $.
It's -m 12500 and i am willing to pay for this service. if you are willing contact me at jabber [email protected]
if u need me to crack a hash pm me
Ban reason: Posting gay pornography on shoutbox. (1d, 22h, 42m remaining)
try one of countless online services
LOL this isn't a noob hash which you can crack over online xd
Have you tried asking communities like or
try using hashcat, youtube has a few guides

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