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let me introduce myself you niggers
im fpssalty

god of the salt and future king of raidforums

i will be the future king of team salty if i ever get around to start (lets be honest i probs wont)

im a nigger full blown straight from africa (yes im serious)

i've been here for 2-3 weeks and i love it

great community of faggots and i'll enjoy it here alot

since im the reincarnation of Lucifer im a terrible person

thanks for reading if you did im too lazy to do grammar properly fuck ittttttttttttttttt
Welcome @FPSsalty To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome fam I am a friendly mod m8
someone make a crown on that snake because im the future god king of this country
Hello mate, first off, if you are to be on Raidforums you must know that my Pepe business is the best business here on Raidforums. Don't try and by Pepes from anyone else, my Pepes are confirmed the best by Sea Lion himself.
Greetings Pepe Dealer, I am Salty. God of Saltiness and future God King of this land.

When I take this Kingdom for my own I will reward your Pepes nicely.
FPSSalty, just don't be salty to the mods, they're really nice. Also, you should buy some dank ass pepes

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