legalise weed?
by applebananacarrot - 05-19-2019, 11:52 AM
All drugs should be legalised and regulated. The mass majority of harms associated with drug use and the drug trade stem from prohibition. In many countries, drug laws have become increasingly repressive over the past few decades. What has been the result? Prices are down and purity is up. Banning drugs simply doesn't work, it's been tested and proven. Time for a new approach.
i hope weed and other drugs stay illegal. alcohol should be illegal too
Found out the other day, that any drug for personal use in Oklahoma is misdemeanor (from watching Live PD).
Hey! Legalize weed everywhere, that cures cancer. Smile
I would agree to legalise weed in the whole of the EU
I say legalize it, it doesn't hurt anyone and there are major tax benefits from it.
i say... "drugs on war"

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