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legalise weed?
by applebananacarrot - May 19, 2019 at 11:52 AM
i personally believe that marijuana should be FULLYlegalised. it is a crucial part of treatment for cancer patients.
Legalize it. You get more control more revenue generated that can go into programs dealing with addiction or abuse. As it stands legal or not people will use. Alcohol prohibition did not nothing to stop consumption might as well legalize and better monitor.
Makes more sense to legalize it, especially if the point is profit.
legalize dat shit. its good
Yeah, without a doubt Cannabis should be made legal.

I'm no person low on the socio-economic ladder or a regular substance user, just a regular family man. But I do believe that everyone should have the right to decide to do whatever they want to do with their own bodies.

After all, it has been proven time and time over again that consuming Cannabis is less dangerous than consuming any other 'illegal' drug and it is much better than consuming tobacco and alcohol - and it has medicinal uses!

Personally not only will it sort out a lot of medical issues and help to cure relieve some diseases and/or symptoms. But it will also take a massive load off the work of law enforcement of whom are doing anything and everything to criminalise it and enforce all suppression of its existence.
All drugs should be legal and we should have treatment programs for addicts, not prisons.
Imagine, heroin and crack would be so cheap that addicts wouldn't need to commit crimes to afford them. Everyone would be safer.
Alcohol is considered one of the drugs with a highest addiction rate together with one of the hardest abstinence syndromes.

So, once drugs are legal, many people will have easier access to "life-breaker" means.

The question is, what offers a higher benefit?

Legal drugs will provide income from taxes, but imagine what could happen in US with crime rates. Everybody consumes drugs in the States. Not a good thing.

However, 420-business will explode soon, in the good-ROI sense. Just take a look at what is happening with investments in California in the MJN stocks sector.

Legalization will ruin weak people lives and will enrich those with good sight for business.
Should be legal to be honest
Some of the weeds could be legalized but with control of gov. Because it could be used by under legal ages or other matter can be exist.
In my country it's legal only medic weed
Good and bad , medically it can help in some cases. But as other have said also it is gateway drug that could lead you on to other things.

I do believe it should be legalized , will stop the underground flow of the product and as they say you only want it because you can't get it.
In my country it's legal
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