joy/single/gay/taken/straight/dont touch tail/half demon half vampire and half angel
by grangus - September 27, 2021 at 10:22 PM
joy/single/gay/taken/straight/dont touch tail/half demon half vampire and half angel/eyes turn red when angry/prince/most wanted/elite/fbi/swat commander/half wolf half cat/left eye turns black when angry/military captain/evil/good/controls all elements/can mind control/can turn invisible/immortal/alies twin/dark lord/child of god/adult/depressed/sad/happy/can kill anyone/cant be killed/detective/from heaven and hell/has backstory/doesn’t talk much/popular/junior at high school/smart/brave/scared/evil/self conscious/fought in wars/leader/kid/selfish/caring/grim reaper/has army/has cult/in cult/in army/kidnapped as child/scientist/friendly/not friendly/don’t talk to/ talk to/forgetful/never forgets/has gun/has knife/unarmed/has dog/dog died/agent/ambassador/spy/government official/operative/officer/not human/human/every race/atheist/religious/mastermind/everywhere/nowhere/controls time/radioactive/loves green/loves red/hates blue/hates orange/yellow can kill/can be brought back if dead/hated/kind/loving/indestructible/part robot/tall/short/wings/tail has secrets/cured cancer/cured aide/cured every illness/plays video games/hates video games/pregnant/cant have child/feels pain inside/likes to read/burns libraries/light/dark/owns roblox/destroys planets/wants girl/has girl/wants guy/has guy/trans/loves to party/stays up late/can teleport/doges every attack/every attack misses/people are scared of/everyone likes/superhero/supervillian/supernatural/has lair/famous/unknown/fearless/fears everything/super extremely omega strongly powerful fists/huge muscles/anime girl/highschool anime guy/underaged/drinks/owns company/crocodile hunter/endangered/magnificent/horse/priest/son is satan/father is satan/son is god/father is god/no mom/speaks every language/olympic gold medalists/neptune/created universe/controls planet
Me while reading this, ".......All I wanna be is everythingg, .......everything at once....."
(Dramatic music in the background)

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