j0lt.c (DDoS) attack tool 0day. Brutally effective.
by thesc1entist - November 18, 2021 at 05:45 AM
j0lt.c DNS amplification (DDoS) attack tool. Will cripple a target machine from a single host.

Open source and free!

I would encourage anyone wanting to take a deeper look at raw sockets, and networking. To write an amplification attack tool them selves. You could essentially follow my source code, it was a really fun project. I've included links to all the relevant RFCs in the git readme.md

For educational purposes only.

Virus Total:
Virus Total
Passes with flying colors.
100% work, thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing buddy!!
i'm testing, hope it powerful Smile)
works for me thanks for sharing
thank you for your sharing.I will study your codes.
Thank you for sharing the tool
Hey, glad some of you found it interesting. :D
works for me thanks for sharing
works for me thanks for sharing
Thank you,
I has test, but is not effect when victim using cloudflare DNS.
BTW. Thank again.
If you want, I can add that feature to j0lt.c. Create an issue with a 'feature request' at

https://github.com/thesc1ent1st/j0lt-ddos-tool/issues I'll start researching effective ways to implement this. It sounds like a fun research problem to tackle. Shy

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