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ive ben gone 4 a while so what happened with aplhas and raidforums??
i heard of something about swatting a little tard and blaming it on us. and if so, should we get some revenge? (not by swatting and blaming alphas but another way). seriously, thats fucked up, someone could have died. idk what im saying but im asking if this is good idea
[Image: EaW4V2Y.png] this is all the info i have to offer sorry
(05-23-2015, 02:02 AM)Speakerwithjoy100 Wrote:  [Image: EaW4V2Y.png] this is all the info i have to offer sorry
^^^ kekkity-kek
Well Celaeon got swatted. More Rftechponys. etc...

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