is windows 97 still good?
by DominusTre - May 27, 2018 at 06:12 PM
I got a brand new computer but my dad deleteted the operating system by accient so we downloaded the windows 97 from our old computer from garage.

Is this still good for gaming, I got a GTX 1080 with it but idk how games will run.
Yes, windows 97 is famously awesome for gaming. Along with windows 9.
pretty sure you even won't be aible to install that...
Bad troll. Use Win95 for the best gaming experience.
was this supposed to be funny
Windows 97 is the shit! Just make sure you get the newest GPU drivers from the most recent issue of your favourite Gaming Magazine
Yes it's a better windows than 10 for gaming Smile
Windows 97 is one year older than me lol
I think that this is a good idea to use Windows 97 because you know, not too much exploits have been written and this is a very simple OS, so fewer bugs than Windows 10.
I think good idea is crack windows 7-10 and install ^.^
did windows 97 even exist?
if the game is compatible yes! otherwise it will not work!

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