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is santa real?
by SoupTrashBaby - January 21, 2020 at 10:00 PM
Ouch, I'm so sorry about this but...... no.
Is Ms. Clause freaky tho
i dont think so but。。。。。
If you take santa for replacementfor giving gifts to others. Then we are al santa, and he is real!
its been 1 month already
I was told once, the moment you stop believing... that's the moment he no longer comes.
santa is real if you think he is, not the flying with raindeer santa but some old man just wanted to give children gifts
It is probably real, I guess
as long as you believe in something its real Wink
No it is not real ,its made to impress children and to make Christmas more exciting
no I think its not,they told me he is fake
What is santa or who I dont knoow

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