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is it possible to learn coding fast?
A really cool site is the following:

You can learn lots of languages by writing a game. Its really fun!
There's a difference between knowing the syntax and knowing how to code

Yes, you can learn how to write simple applications in a week. Yes, you can learn the syntax in two days.

No, you can not learn how to code in a month.

Computer languages are just like IRL languages: can you learn a thing or two about, for example, german, in a day? Yes, you can. Can you make complex sentences in a day? No, you can't.

Practice, practice and practice. Stay foolish, stay hunger.

A few recommendations:

Or just buy a good old book.
Try Khan academy to learn programming.
Depends on if you wanna be a skid or not.
Start with simple languages like python, then work up from there. Take your time be patient
There are too many variables involved here for me to offer you a straight answer. However, I can certainly give you some direction.

I would highly recommend, as others have previously stated, that you learn python first. The simple, high-level syntax and overall utility of the language will undoubtedly provide to you a useful base of knowledge for learning future languages (for example, the language will introduce you to networking, data parsing, and perhaps even graphics) without overwhelming you with the complicated semantics of lower-level languages. To me, python is an invaluable tool.

After you're reasonably capable with python, I'd suggest that you learn C++, and, if you're still hungry for knowledge, you should learn the differences between C++ and C (keep in mind that you'll immediately be able to apply C knowledge to python via the ctypes module).

Personally, I find it easiest to learn from books. Here are some really good ones that I was able to dork:
its possible but u need high raw intelligence
there are kids of 12 years old who can program better than people whove programmed for 60 years
its all in the genes
I suggest you goto codeacademy, thats where I learned c# to make programs.
If you move to Antarctica you can learn it in a single day
really depends on how much time u have on ur hands, I learned most of Java in about 2 months by just hitting the books non stop
Just watch a lot of videos on youtube or a paid site like its not too hard to understand basic programming its easy to get into
Dedication, consistency and a will to learn.

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