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is it possible to learn coding fast?
always have a problem to hire a good coder
it takes a while to become a real good coder. staff off with codeacademy. it teaches u some shit
Take the time to learn the basics of programming. It will then be much much master to learn coding.
IMO first learn the basics, then go to online source code repositories.(like github) & use already written source codes to change it to your needs.

for professional use, yeah it's hard and gonna take years to become a good developer.
Yeah, but only if you're genuinely interested in what you're doing it's possible. Java, Python and the various types of Basic are fairly easy and logical, some others are nightmares. It's all a matter of practice and understanding what you're doing, rather than just numbly copypasta.
it might take some time but you will be able to at least understand fundamentals if capable of speed learning
You can learn the easy coding languages like Python, Ruby, etc., in a few months, but learning other ones like C/C++ etc take lots of time and dedication.
don't rush the learning of coding, its an extensive skill

shit like "learn c++ in 4 hours" is dumb, take your time for best results
I recommend starting off with python as it is quite basic but can actually help you a lot, and from there you will learn other languages a lot faster. Try to look at source codes or tutorials from GitHub as well if it helps you.
Since you said you want to learn coding because it's hard to find a good coder to hire, I bet you have a very high standard about coding. In my personal opinion, a good coder, in additional to be good at one or some specific programming languages, may also need to have some good understanding at things like data structure, algorithm, mathematics, architecture, operating system, design pattern, etc. So if you are asking about learning coding fast to be a GOOD coder who is much better than most coder that you are reluctant to hire, I think it's not quite possible unless you are super capable.
you can learn anything, but it's not like you are gonna be a pro in 5 days
This is a pretty incomplete question honestly. It depends on so many factors like how far deep into a language you want to go, what types of apps you need to develop, your previous experience and how good you are with programming in general. Getting to an adequate enough level with Python to build a web server which also provides a back end is going to be massively different in Python or Haskell (Nobody would really use Haskell for this type of operation but you get my point).
Literally the only way to answer this question is to just go try. Codecademy has been suggested already and i'll vouch for that. It's a good starting point for most major languages. For training in more conceptual ideas, use google, youtube or Udemy (Or your training site of preference) to get a better understanding.
Just try it out.

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