iphone vs galaxy - whos better and why??
by Marcelo - January 25, 2020 at 03:09 PM
I love IOS for the UI, which is what most people like it for I think.
Samsumg, because I can delete Google's Android and install my own. Try a custom OS on your iScrap...
Also Samsung it is not as restricted as IOS.
yer mum. ofc nokia is better fam

Better UI, Features (iMessage, FaceTime), and it's just overall way better than gay ass android.
Stats wise the older galaxy's are better than the iphone but the iphone has always been more aesthetic, as well as the new iphone which has the fastest processor on a phone right now.
In the end it's just a matter of preference. Who cares if you have the fastest processor if, in the end, you gonna be using your phone to text people and search on google?
i'm using a note 10+ rightnow and i have tried Iphones in the past, the thing is i can't download music the easy way on IOS, with Android i can download music from many source.
My phone is mainly for reading stuff and music so i guess it's just me
I preffer iphone mostly because of the camera everything else doesent matter
everyone has their preference.  Iphone seems to be more easy to use/user friendly. while android you have much more freedom
Iphones are the best and I don't even know whyy but I am addicted
Who cares and why?......samsung phones Wink

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