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instagram vs facebook?
Neither. I can't find a reason to use one of them.
I prefer ig over Facebook tbh can't believe people still use Facebook in 2018
Instagram is not going to "delete facebook". Facebook is a company, just as instagram and instagram is owned by Facebook.
Facebook is cancer and for mostly older people needing to share their babies to others.
Instagram is for girls who need attention.
I do not have FB because it's too mainstream. Instagram is definitely more for youth then elders, I don't want my grandparents to see what I posted.
I dont use IG My acccount got bannned on there so I use facebook
Instagram = Facebook because they're both owned by the same peeps. That said, there's allot less data that can be harvested about you from IG than from FB.
neither but I prefer IG over FB now. i grew up on FB however.

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