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in which crypto should i invest ?
any suggestions on which cryptocurrency to invest in ?
Dogecoin is definitely the best to invest in.
Thats a decision that you have to take on your own. No one knows, but I wouldn't invest in petro for sure.
(03-04-2018, 12:47 AM)Giampaolo44 Wrote:  Dogecoin is definitely the best to invest in.

+1 for lol. Funny that its worth something now but he made it as a joke.
I wanna know the answer, but how about NEM
Definitely do your own research, and don't base it off what other people tell you but I recommend having a look at stellar (XLM) this crypto looks promising to me and is my main investment.
Honestly, the market is not stable now, I assume that you are planning to invest a small sums of money, it's best to look at the market for a certain period of time and then make the best conclusion
Well, definitely not Dogecoin.

Probably NEO, or Monero, or even ETH. Ultimately, no one knows.
make decisions themselves, listen to advice on the forum is very risky
Invest in bitcoin it will grow all way up to 2025, trust me dude.
look at market cap, that's my guide
Whatever you want to invest in, you need a minimum of investment to be profitable.

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